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Myth – The reason universal strings are frowned upon by serious technicians is because of the hexagonal steel wire used to produce universal bass strings.
Fact - Actually, some high end European piano builders use hexagonal core wire for their bass strings with fabulous success.

Know this first…..
Universal bass strings are offered to match overall diameters of wrapped strings ONLY. This means that there is a likely chance that the core wire of the universal string will be different from the original string that is being replaced. If this is a bichord or trichord string, there is a very probable outcome that the unison will not be able to be tuned beatless even though the pitch will be correct (the note will be out of tune within itself).

Why offer Universal Piano Bass Strings?
Even though universals are not ideal:
1. Some technicians still like to carry a supply of universals with them as they tune everyday. For very old pianos, with multiple tuning issues, a universal can be quickly installed where a string has been broken for a considerable length of time at a minimal cost to the piano owner. In some of these cases, the universal will tune at least as well as the rest of the piano considering its age and its condition.

2. If a piano is encountered with a broken bass string often the damper is not allowed to function properly. Having a universal string on hand, a technician can effectively eliminate this problem.

In either case, the technician might install the universal string and then by using a piece of felt, mute one of either the universal or its partnering string. The note will function and audibly everything will sound 'in tune'. The decision can then be made whether a properly manufactured string is best to have ordered.

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