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Retail Testimonials

Dear Mr. Schienke,
" I want to again thank you for helping me sell my Yamaha U1 piano. Since you actually found the buyer, your help was the major factor. As we discussed, I bought the piano from your store in 1990. When I recently decided to move to a condominium, I realized the piano would not fit, so I decided to call you to see if you could help me. I received the same professional, courteous and helpful service I got 22 years ago, and again at a very reasonable price. It's easy to see why you have been in business for so long."

My best regards,

" …your piano [Steingraeber] is what a piano should sound and feel like, totally unmatched by any other. The touch is exquisite, its tone awesome. I felt my right eye become slightly teary, a tear of pure happiness that I finally found a piano that fulfilled all my expectations…"

Carlene (Aurora, ON)

Trade and Technician Testimonials

"Hi John,

I want to thank you for the best set of bass strings I’ve used in forty-six years of rebuilding high end pianos. My customer, a first-call studio pianist for thirty years in Los Angeles, loves his Hamburg Steinway B and especially the outstanding bass tone and volume. I had previously installed two other sets of bass strings from two other makers and was terribly disappointed. You saved me and his piano.

I also want to thank you for making and shipping the two replacement strings (my fault for not measuring correctly) and not sending me a bill for the replacement strings or for the 2nd day air shipping. I know it was expensive. I have sung your praises to several of my colleagues. You are a class act."

Richard Davenport, RPT



The SCHAFF bass strings in this Steinway L were only 11-or-12 years old but were getting more ugly and difficult to tune with each passing year. The partials of the shared pairs were becoming SO wildly dissimilar that it was no longer possible to accurately tune them together and it wasn't possible to hide the "yammering". All we could do was compromise and "pick-the-least-of-the-evils".

This Steinway piano, located in the fellowship hall of Rochester's oldest church, directly across the street from the Mayo Clinic, is MUCH in demand for numerous student recitals. Fortunately there was a 6-day hiatus in the schedule starting at noon last Saturday.

As soon as the recitals finished we began replacing the bass strings one-at-a-time to not disturb the overall tuning stability. Dampers were raised and blocked to clear strings. Your new strings were slid through the agraffes and coils were formed on a "dummy pin" and then slipped over the existing tuning pins that had been turned out no more than one-full-turn to minimize disturbing tightness of the pinblock. We followed your instructions regarding the half-twist of the hitch loop.

As we removed each old string and installed your new string we could see obvious visual differences in the string scale. As we pulled each new string up-to-pitch and compared it with remaining old strings we were stunned by the tonal improvement and clean sound. The old strings were NOT "dull" but were full of disgusting "yammering" partials.

Your stock set fit perfectly with a more even appearance than the ones we removed. The old strings had sharp tips of core wire protruding from the final turn of the hitch end that always snagged cleaning cloths. Your new strings have beautifully finished hitch ends with NO protruding tips of core wire to snag cleaning cloths.

The clarity and fullness of your GRANDT bass strings is astonishingly different and far superior to the strings we removed. It's as if we added another half-a-foot to the length of the piano -!!! The lowest bass now has clean-&-clear partials that sound more like the strings of a 9-foot. Best-of-all the partials of the shared pairs AGREE and are easily tuned together with NO "yammering".

We will be retuning the new bass strings several times this week and will give the piano a full tuning close to the next scheduled student recitals which begin next weekend.

The members of our local PTG (Piano Technicians Guild) weren't familiar with Canadian GRANDT bass strings. At our next meeting (August) I will make a presentation as part of "new ventures-&-wonders"."



Hi guys,
" I just wanted you to know that your strings are sounding good, and they were very well done. Also, FYI, about 3 years ago [certain competitor] sold me a set of strings for a M&H model A and he claimed that these were of a "harder" copper and would last longer and sound better than conventional strings. Wrong on all counts! They are all dead now, and they never sounded "better" than conventional strings. I just thought it was some information you could use. "

No orders for you today, but we will have some soon.

Thanks again!

Hi John,
" First, I want to thank you for the special price you gave me regarding the making of a second string in the Amherst piano. However, it was my mistake, so I owe you!

Regarding the Baldwin F for which you made an entire set of strings, the four Paulello strings are great ,your gess was excellent , so we keep them in. It took us a while before we had time to restring the piano.

Thank you for this good advice.
I will write back about the bass strings for the Clementi, or maybe see you at Seatle? "

Have a nice summer!

" Thanks so much for the strings for the Steinway B which you made for me this summer. You also re scaled the piano and it sounds so much better than it did. Is there anyway you can send me the file with the changes you made? It was called B1986 I think. "

Thanks so much

" How d'ye do? I just re-strung the bass on a Yamaha GB1 with your strings and, in my opinion, your strings are much cleaner than [a certain piano manufacturer]. I'll keep you in mind in future. "

British Columbia

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"…your piano [Steingraeber] is what a piano should sound and feel like..."

Carlene (Aurora, ON)

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