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PIANO BASS STRINGS - Ordering Complete Sets

For quality and consistency, North American piano tuners, piano rebuilders and worldwide manufacturers have relied on J. D. Grandt piano bass strings for over 25 years. Please see below for our preferred ordering methods.

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With J. D. Grandt you may choose from the worlds finest steel core wire designed specifically for pianos including:

1. Germany's finest Röslau steel core wire. Roslau
2. Paulello wire – Type M, XM, 0, 1 polished or nickel-plated

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Our preferred methods of serving you…

First choice – complete the order form and simply click submit! Remember, if you have any questions; please just give us a call.

Second choice – download our pdf order form, print, scan and email (or print and mail).

Third choice – Prepare a paper pattern/rubbing, along with first and last original strings and send to us. Click here to learn how to make a suitable paper pattern.

Fourth choice – Remove all original strings taking care they remain in perfect order, package and send our way. Regarding the 'fit' of the new strings, they will only be as good as the originals (i.e. how far from the bridge the winding begins and how far from the agraffes the winding begins, and how even these distances are throughout the whole set).

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"…your piano [Steingraeber] is what a piano should sound and feel like..."

Carlene (Aurora, ON)

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