SickKids Receives New Lomence Piano for Music Therapy Program

Local North American distributor,
J.D. Grandt® Piano Supply Co.
donates new Lomence Piano

And it's Blue!

Lomence Blue Piano - Model TBL 123-Azure

For Immediate Release - Toronto, ON, Friday April 27, 2012: North American piano industry giant, J. D. Grandt® Piano Supply Co., has donated a brand new piano to The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto. SickKids is looking forward to incorporating the use of the new Lomence piano and the engaging nature that comes with the new cosmetic design. However...this is not your typical piano: this is a Lomence Crystal Piano (model TB-123) Azure, a vivid blue that is likened to that of a bright clear blue sky. What better choice could there be to aid in the treatment and recovery processes for patients at SickKids than the ability to choose a colour that fosters positive images and thoughts of relaxed afternoons in the summer sun!

When J. D. Grandt® owner John Schienke learned of the music therapy program and the role it has been playing at SickKids since its implementation in 1999, he wanted to contribute in a meaningful way that would be felt directly by the children. What better way to do so than to provide a piano - a bright blue one - that children will be drawn towards? Under the direction of the Hospital's Musical Therapists, the instrument will promote the processes of coping and healing. J.D. Grandt® (from Richmond Hill, ON) has recently launched thier North American Distribution of Lomence - the original modern crystal piano. It is traditional on the inside, but the outside is refreshingly modern featuring a partially acrylic cabinet with clear, seamless lines and colours to choose from that will definitely raise some eyebrows.

J.D. Grandt® debuted the Lomence brand at North American's NAMM Show in California this past January. Ironically, those within the industry (retailers and pianists alike) were not sure how they felt about such a modern design on an otherwise very traditional instrument. "Traditional pianos do indeed have their place", explains John Schienke, "but for the average person, Grandma's big black or brown piano simply does not appeal to them, nor does it fit in their home. Brilliantly designed, stylish and versatile, Lomence pianos transcend age, gender, culture and lifestyle".

For more information contact John Schienke of J. D. Grandt® Piano Supply Company in Richmond Hill.

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