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Hammerheads - Complete Sets


Due to their complex manufacturing procedure, when rebuilding a piano the two components that most technicians will always turn to a piano trade suppliers' expertise is in the bass string manufacturing and…. hammerhead supply.

For both upright and grand pianos, we look after the precision hammerhead drilling to your specs and/or samples, as well as full tail shaping (side tapering and arcing) necessary for grand hammerheads.

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Piano Brand
Piano Model/Size
Piano Serial No.
Total/Overall length of  
Bass hammers
Treble hammers
Side Angles:  
  Note Number Bore Angle
First Bass
Last Bass
First Tenor
Last Tenor
First Soprano I
Last Soprano I
First Soprano II(if applicable)
Last Soprano II (if applicable)
Rake (in degrees):
Length of bore: Tip of strike point to CENTER of shank hole (please include adequate compensation for hammer felt worn away).
New boring hole diameter: If using the original (same) shanks, please measure and insert this measurement. If using new shanks, please indicate what the bore diameter should be.

Bore Diameter:
Bass hammers side tapered?
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Hammers side tapered?
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Hammer tails arced?
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