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Ordering Instructions

Please complete all of the details on the Bass String Ordering template. Especially for first time users, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the required information. You may do so either by telephone (905-773-0087) or e-mail.

Regarding the main table where the length measurements for each bass string should be recorded, please note the following:

The columns labeled "Old Core Diameter" and "Old Overall Diameter" are not required to fill in - HOWEVER - we urge you to fill in the values under these columns for the following string numbers for BOTH the bass and tenor sections of your piano:

First and last Unichord
First and last Bichord
First and last Trichord

These measurements are used by us to approximate the tension and original inharmonicity levels from the original strings in the piano.

Also, we prefer (for the sake of complete accuracy in the new set) that you measure and complete the speaking length column instead of the hitch pin to upper termination point column. ONLY ONE OF THESE TWO COLUMNS NEED TO BE FILLED IN. The reason for this is to receive from you the exact length measurements following the exact string line as it is inside the piano (ie; from hitch pin to speaking bridge pin and on from speaking bridge pin to upper termination point - speaking length). In some poorly made instruments, the direct string line from hitch pin to upper termination point does not fall over its corresponding bridge pins thereby resulting in a shorter overall length of string once installed.

The only reason we offer you both columns to choose from is for ease of measuring. By this we mean that if you do not have anyone to assist you by holding the stringing measuring tape down over the corresponding speaking bridge pin (to measure the speaking length on its own) the loop from the stringing measuring tape may have the tendency to slip off the bridge pin because of the bridge pins' lateral slant. In some cases you may be satisfied to measure directly from the hitch pin to the upper termination in which case we will simply subtract the two columns to determine the speaking length.

Again, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to talk with us. Our main objective is to provide you with the best quality set of strings for you and your customer.

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